Need Help to Delay Ejaculation
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Even though I try to think about my grandma playing baseball and other non-sexual images I just can’t quit cumming too early.  Does anyone here have any good techniques?

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LOL El Steady.  Your grandma playing baseball… I like to picture estelle getty playing strip poker. 

Seriously though, you could try a spray or something if your really getting desparate.

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Great posts!

There are definitely many techniques that you can find out there. The more important question is this: how effective are those techniques?

Sure, you could try to focus on some non-sexual image to help you last longer, but wouldn’t you rather focus on the sex you’re having so you can thoroughly enjoy it?

When it comes to topical treatments, like sprays and ointments, they typically work by reducing the sensitivity in the penis to help you last longer. In many cases, this can also result in a reduction in the level of pleasure that you experience.

Boston Medical Group doctors routinely utilize The Boston Method to successfully help thousands of men, every year, last longer so they satisfy themselves and their partners…and without the need to use drastic or ineffective techniques.

Give us a call at 866-855-8422 if you want more information. You’ll be glad you did!


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I’ve pictured everything…and it doesn’t work here. The sex feels too good so I lose concentration. Plus, c’mon guys, when you’re trying to think of other things it takes your mind off enjoying sex.



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