Worth the drive to a Boston Medical Group location?
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I checked out all of the Boston Medical Group locations (http://www.bostonmedicalgroup.com/locations) - seems that you don’t have an office in Nevada. (I’m in Las Vegas)

My question is simple - is it worth the drive? I know that you often tout results as soon as the first visit, but honestly, how many times would I need to come in for treatment and how often? I might be willing to make the 4 hour drive from Vegas if it wasn’t going to be a weekly/monthly thing.


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Good Question James E and sorry for the late reply

Yes of course it is worth the drive to visit our Los Angeles Clinic. At the clinic level all we do is testing and periodic follow ups as all treatments are done at home. If you find that you need to return for a follow up visit and unable to make it due to the distance from the clinic, talk to our doctor and see what we can do to help your situation. It’s overall a good decision to make the trip.

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