10-15 sec.
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I am 42 and have never been able to last more than 10-15 sec. is there help and is it gauranteed?

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Every day, we talk to men who describe the same symptoms that you posted. You’re definitely not alone, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Ultimately, you would need to come an and be evaluated by a Boston Medical Group physician to have your condition properly diagnosed, but I can tell you that about 1 in 3 men suffer from Primary Premature Ejaculation. This type of PE typically affects men for their entire life, from the time they become sexually active, until they seek effective treatment.

Boston Medical Group doctors have successfully used The Boston Method to help men who suffer from Premature Ejaculation. There is definitely help available. As with any other medical treatment or condition, there is no guarantee, but many of the roughly 30,000 men we treated last year are happy and satisfied today because they made the decision to come in to a BMG clinic. Give us a call at 866-855-8422 and talk to any of our representatives to talk about an appointment.




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